Tips To Structure Your New Marketing Business Just Right

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Limited company vs Sole Trader

With the explosion of the self employment in the UK at moment, we get asked from many digital marketers looking to go it alone “what’s the best way to set up in business”. At Promotion Is My Business we’re not just here to look at the latest marketing tools, techniques and advice, we’re also here to help you make your passion for marketing into a business which can support you and your loved ones.

Starting up a new business can be quite intimidating, and the first thing you’ll have to do is decide what kind of business you should form. The two most common types are trading as a limited company or as a sole trader. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to see what type best suits you. There are many other things to consider, such as, financing, taxation, continuity, etc.

Sole traders

There are many advantages to running your business as a sole trader. One main advantage is the simplicity. It’s very easy to start up a business as a sole trader, and you’ll have lower accounting costs compared to setting up a company. You can trade under your name, or have a separate business name. If you operate your business as a sole trader, you avoid all the costs involved in creating a limited company.

However, running as a sole trader has its risks. Your liability is unlimited. You will be liable for all the company’s debts and contracts, and there is no difference between business and personal assets. So everything you own can be at risk.  It’s also harder to split your income with other people who may be involved in your business.

Limited company

A limited company offers the most protection to owners. Shareholders own the business, and the company debt is limited to the amount that they invested in the company. A board of directors operates the limited company, and they act on behalf of all the shareholders. However, in most small businesses they form the company and serve as both the shareholder and director so that they have the benefit of limited liability.

Factors to consider

There are many other factors to consider before creating a company, here are the important ones:


Many people decide to trade as a limited company instead of a sole trader due to the tax benefits. Business owners can make tax savings through the use of dividends and payroll planning. However, you would also need to consider the additional administration costs as company owners will have to fill out both company and personal tax returns. Sole traders only have to complete personal tax returns. However, the company tax rate is still lower than the top individual rate. If you’re not sure which structure best suits you, it’s best to seek advice from an accountant. They would be able to show you how to minimise tax liability.

2. Financing

When starting your business, you’ll need to source enough capital to both start and maintain the business until it’s profitable. A company may find it easier to attract investments and funding, especially as shareholders are only liable for the amount they invest in the company. Sole trader structures don’t allow shares, so if you want to raise capital, you’ll need to get a loan through the bank. It can be difficult as banks would need to see sufficient cash flow in the business.

3. Continuity

A company can operate forever because it is considered as a separate legal entity, whereas a sole trader is normally limited to the lifespan of the individual.

4. Control

A board of directors runs a company, so decision making can be difficult since people may have different ideas of what is best for the company. The business structure also has higher levels of regulation compared to a sole trader.  A sole trader has total control of his or her own business, and it can make all the decisions.


Sole traders cannot keep their profits. All profits are considered as income, so it is taxed at the personal marginal rate. Companies, on the other hand, can distribute their profits to shareholders, or keep them to grow the business.

6. Registration and fees

Sole trader business structure is very easy to set up; there is no registration or maintenance fee required. As for a company business structure, there is a yearly registration fee to list on the company’s registrar.


It’s far easier to set up as a sole trader than as a company. However, setting up as a company can give you better protection, and flexibility with profits. The type of business structure that best suits you will depend on your current situation, the type of business you’re running and what you’re long term plans are for business growth. We found a great sole trader vs limited company calculator to help you make a more informed choice.

As always though, make sure you find yourself a good business advisor to help you make the right choice for your circumstances. If you don’t know one personally and can’t get any recommendations then check out a good local business directory that has reviews and start your search there.

What To Expect From The Latest In Event Marketing Technologies

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Marketing Technologies

Taking into consideration that there is higher competition in business today, because of the increasing development of technology as the main tool for business venture to improve and widen advertising of their products. The event marketing firms anywhere are using such technological support in order to make the best advertisements and to make sure to get the best appreciation from their target market. And this will keep on changing in terms of company -customer interaction, including the service granted and the product instruction.

Experts managing occasion commercial enterprises need to stay in contact with the most recent patterns to guarantee the picked inputs for their organizations other than guarantee the best results conceivable. Rising innovations are perfect for advancing occasions and administrations identified with occasion arranging, likewise its interest be dismal to be sure, expecting one can’t join them an amid crusade improvements.view this website here!

So, what then you could expect from the new trend event of marketing technology today? The virtual stores are considered to be the latest in terms of e-commerce technology today, making it difficult on how to differentiate a virtual stores from a brick polysyndeton as a way of their counterparts. You may find it hard for you to identify whether you are with the traditional way of shopping, or you are only just pretending that you are with it. Nowadays, you make an advance shopping on the pop-up stores through different type of public places being your markets. Through downloading an application by the use of QR codes, you may now start purchasing the product that you want via your Smartphone.

You will get items you arrange at your most convenient area within the web shopping scene. A percentage of the utilizations interconnected to appear stores in a shopper-friendly industry for occasions are for managing inn reservations, obtaining carrier tickets, and comfort units to buy. The individuals who need holders, likewise spend money in acquiring toiletries to in-flight dinners when required.use this link

Computerized newsfeeds, the most recent in occasion advertising innovation are perfect for use in differed circumstances. For example, activity appears, meetings, at occupied crossing points, and malls. Another fascinating innovation stream going on, is the valuable video pre-roll promoting. Just what is pre-roll? For the uninitiated, these are 10-14 sec or 2 min plugs, you find on YouTube or different sites before the unmistakable substance comes up.

Marketing Technologies

Thus, it is conceivable to telecast limited time messages to very much focus on portions of the business management sector effectively. Recollect that, this is the quickest developing sections in the realm of publicizing and being intelligent, it offers viewers an opportunity to snap and view the site concerning the promoter for more data. Normally, the rates of navigating the net remains very high with pre-rolls.

Such marketing firms use the said technology and techniques to make sure that they create higher impact in their online conversations with clients. Some pop-up stores that are using mobile payment methods are very common and are accepted by most of the users wherever they are. The main reason for this is the ease of each transaction.

Online Marketing Technology – All the Great Benefits

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Marketing Technology

Today, online marketing is vitally important, as it does everything from promoting the company right down to talking to the very customers who are likely to do the decision making when it comes to purchasing. Studies reveal that there is a rapidly increasing number of customers using social media to do their research about the prices and the specifications of the product they want to buy before they deciding to purchase, it according to professional analysts like Gartner.

What are the benefits you can get out using an online marketing tool?

1. For your convenience. Opting for online marketing will enable you to decide to start to open for business without any hesitation, since you will not be worrying on your store opening hours or over paying of your staff. Offering your products on the Internet is very easy and is accessible to your potential customers. They can immediately browse through your products online at any time, anywhere, and make their orders without hassle on their part.her comment is here!

2. It is of their reach. Though online marketing the customers and you yourself can overcome barriers in term of distance. You could sell your products without even installing outlets – just widen your target market in your business. Opening for export could also be possible for you even you will not provide networking of distributors in different areas in the world. However, if you really need to sell internationally, you must use for a localization type of service to make sure that the products will be suitable for all local markets which comply the regulations on local business.

3. The cost. Using online marketing is cost free. Why? Because you do not have to spend on renting a place as a display center of your product. You will not be making a budget for the maintenance of your display center, too. And you do not need to purchase stocks to put on to your display center to which you do not know if the customers need it or not. You will only purchase your products that are in line with the demands of your customers, making your costs low during inventory.continue reading this

4. Personalization. Online marketing will enable you to make personalized offers from your varied clients through making them a profile history of what they purchase form your products. And this can boost your clients’ preferences in visiting your webpage. And by this you can get a higher increase on the sales value from your customers.

Marketing Technology

5. Building a good relationship. Yes. Through online marketing and the advances technology, people can now build good relationship without even meeting. But how? When your customers purchase your products, make sure to send them a follow-up email – just a simple move to confirm them about their transaction and do not forget to send them a thank you message. Do not just stop there. Keep emailing them special and personalized offers which would help maintain retention on the part of the customer and build a good relationship between you and the client.

There are lots of benefits which you can get through online marketing. And these are just few of them. As you get involve with online marketing, you will then fully understand the rest of the advantages you could have as an online marketing business owner. Good luck!

Online Marketing Technology Is Good – But People Are Better

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Using technology to market your product is fulfilling since you exert less effort in doing it. You only have to post your product, make a few product descriptions and away you go. The rising of technology today makes a big difference. The comfort, its accessibility, effortless and hassle-free use are some of its advantages. When talking to long distances, it is not a problem anymore, since the product that you want to buy will be just delivered to you on a door-to-door basis. If you are tired of going out form house to buy for anything, there is no problem at all. It is all provided for you easily without making you tired by going out instead. That is how online marketing does it for you.

Some say the best marketing is the online type, especially as the technology is now there for you, working on your behalf. Well, there are also some that say it does not work hard enough for your business. And this is not a joke issue. It could be true also to some cases. This is especially for those who really had bad experiences after using online marketing technology. Well, we can say by now that everything in this world had its post here!

Talking back of online marketing technology, is it really good? Yes. Since it really gives us most of the comfort which all are wishing for every time we are going to purchase for something. The ease of buying, travelling, and even paying is been considered positively on using an online marketing. All in all online marketing technology is good. If it for the clients purpose.

On the other hand, there are also others who would love use people as their way of marketing their product. Why? This is because people can discuss with your potential customers about your products they are endorsing to. They can immediate answer queries form clients whenever there are. And it is really different when there will be someone you are talking personally about the product they are buying. They can also be more confident in the product they are about to purchase because they are pretty sure of the product they are buying, since they see it physically right there in front of their eyes.visit helpful site from

People being physically present is still the better way of marketing your product. In terms of comfort, distance, accessibility and effort, can still be provided by them, things are common to both people and online marketing. The only edge which marketing through people is better than online is that people can explain and answer queries first hand and as quickly as possible. Of course, the product is also right there in front of their eyes.


No matter what the client wants, always keep into mind that proper business management is still the best strategy you could give to make sure that your customers stay with your product. And that they don’t turn to a different company simply because they are not satisfied with the service your company provided. Always remember, customer is always right!

Internet Marketing Technology – 3 Low-Cost Tools to Get You Started

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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing technology or online marketing, refers to any advertising or marketing efforts to which you are using the web, such as emailing to get direct sales by an electronic technology commerce. It is typically used in relation to a traditional way of advertising like that of magazines, newspaper, television and the radio.

Everyone in the business world wants their company to grow and prosper as soon as possible. They say, ‘the earlier, the better’. But how? Many businesses of today, are going through how they can make easy and fast improvements to their business. That is why online marketing technology is also in much higher demand as well. Could it be costly to them? It doesn’t matter. As long as they get their target specified by their plans, then it is all well and good.redirect here!

There are lots of Internet marketing technologies that are exist today, but only three of the most popular are listed below. These tools are considered to be at the lowest costs compared to the rest.

1. Make surveys. In this way, a few associations ought to most likely think about picking as a free counsel or search for a more financially savvy guide accessible through an association. It’s additionally conceivable to discover somebody who is still in preparing that you can actualize once they are prepared to be of backing. Considering the long running of your organization is critical. Regardless of the possibility that the first gave you a decent result, it doesn’t imply that the following one will.

2. Commit to the online marketing world. The Internet gives you an inexpensive twenty-four hours of service. You may build good relationships with you and your possible customers, by offering them good quality work from your site, such as videos, how-to articles, blogs and newsletters. You may extend the number of clients in your reach by using social media which has been created through the advancement of online full details from

3. Make a good public relations. Coulombe says that a media story in regards to your organization is 25 times more significant than a promotion in light of the validity it presents on your business. Be that as it may, in this period of media reductions, it’s harder than at any time in recent memory to pull in columnists’ consideration. Remember that they’re searching for a convincing story to tell. So help them by telling them about your inventive item, strange client contacts or high-stakes bets that paid off. What’s more, keep at it – building associations with the media will pay off.

Internet Marketing

Taking into consideration these few low cost tools to start your online marketing, could let you see the difference of your output as a growing business venture. You could get what you want out of your business when you start using this Internet marketing technology in helping your business on its way up. Prospering your business though is not an easy task, but using such tools could really help you a lot in expanding your business firm onwards.