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We've has been in the SEM business since 1995 when the Internet was not much more than a collection of personal home pages and some converted bulletin board systems. Although SEM forms the basis of our web promotion services, truly effective Internet marketing entails a long term strategy incorporating a mix of different marketing methods including, link building, social-media campaigns, targeted press releases as well as a variety of other online and off-line outlets.

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Search Engine Marketing Standards

We strive to adhere to the highest of standards in search engine marketing, even at the cost of losing business. However, we also try to retrieve the highest standards in meeting our client's SEM objectives. Specifically, these objectives include the following:

  • Get and keep a client's Website listed high on the most popular search engines --usually in the top 10-- under keywords that we feel are customized to a client's Website.

  • Make sure a client's Website is listed in the most important search engines and directories.

  • Create a steady stream of pre-qualified visitors to a client's Website by increasing the amount of other Web sites that "link" to a client's Website.

  • Increase the time a visitor spends viewing a client's Website thereby improving the chances of converting a visitor into a customer.

Blurt Inc. Search Engine Marketing Integrity
Although more and more Fortune 500 companies see the value of including search engine marketing (SEM) in their marketing campaigns, SEM still has an image of 'anybody can do it'. This has led to the industry being hijacked by impostors and scam artists while legitimate SEM companies are forced to spend as much time educating clients on both the benefits and the limits of SEM as they do performing the many tasks associated with search engine marketing. Blurt Inc. believes in treating our clients the way we would like to be treated. Seriously. Whether it be not charging clients 100% of our fees upfront before we even do anything (like the vast majority of our competitors do) to not recommending services our clients don't need or would hurt them long-term, we consider "The Golden Rule" to be part of our best practices policy.

Blurt Inc.

"Just a brief note to let you know how pleased we are with your optimization of our web site. Having had a Web presence since 1995, we have used several other "search engine and Web marketing firms" in the past, at considerable expense, with little or no results. We are happy to advise you that now, after about nine months since you began working with us, we are getting first and second page rankings (i.e. top 10 and top 20) in most of the major search engines. This means that we are receiving Web-based inquiries with a certain amount of those inquiries becoming assignments. This adds to a plus business for our company. We look forward to a continuing relationship with you and your firm and the valuable services you provide. We're happy to refer you to any entity which looks to achieve business development via a presence on the Internet. Thanks again for a job well done."

Paul A. Halas, Jr., CMC
Halas & Associates Inc.

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"Over the last few years as I speak to more clients and hear their stories, it has led me to believe that 80% of the (SEM) business is a scam. By that I mean that 80% of people in the business doing SEM consultancy are either running an outright scam, or they thought it was good to get into SEM because it's a hot area - but they don't really know what they're doing."

Peter Kent, author of the book "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies
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