Keyword Research Service
Perhaps the most important part of good Web promotion is a selection of those words people use to search for the goods or services that the client sells. We perform a complete analysis of both the client's Website as well as competitors to determine the best keywords to use to bring targeted prospects to the client's Website.

Website Optimization Service
Evaluate and "optimize" the client's Web pages around several keywords (i.e. keyword phrases) relevant to the client's Website. In some cases this may require adding new pages and/or links to their website to make it more appealing to both visitors and search engines alike.

Landing Page Creation Service
Design and implementation of specially designed Web pages, called "Landing Pages" that convert shoppers into buyers which look just like any other page on the client's site so it is not considered "spam" by the major search engines. We then continue to monitor, re-optimize and when necessary re-submit the client's landing pages to the major search engines for a period of one year.

Strategic Link Development Service
Research and identify the biggest paid and free directories as well as all applicable "industry-specific" websites that a client's website should be included with in order to achieve the maximum "link-popularity" with the major search engines, thereby increasing the chances the client's website will rank well in those engines for all of their targeted keywords.

Social Media Marketing Service
Creation of and/or optimizing your business's Facebook and Twitter accounts so as to both increase traffic to your website as well as increasing customer loyalty by creating a two-way dialogue with your customers as well as your customers friends. If necessary, we can even handle the day-to-day duties associated with using your Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote your dental practice.

Search Engine Position Reporting Service
We perform a search engine position report (S.E.P.R.) on a quarterly basis letting our clients know how to their pages are ranking in the major search engines under the client's selected keywords and phrases. In addition, we monitor what keywords are producing Web traffic and which ones aren't and make changes in this area as needed which we then e-mail to you, our client.

Custom Pay-Per-Click Management Service

Identify those keywords or keyphrases which would be the most cost-effective in using in the pay-per-click services for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other similar services. We then compose appropriate titles and descriptions for each keyword and submit it to and monitor them on a monthly basis for a period of one year.

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We know that not every business wants to use their Website in the same way. Some want to use it on a casual basis to attract the odd customer or two while others wish to use their Website as their main lead-generation vehicle. Because we offer our clients a whole range of comprehensive search engine marketing services, they can choose the most effective Internet marketing plan that fits their needs and their budget.
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